Thursday, July 10, 2008

a blog!

I honestly couldn't tell you what has compelled me to start my own blog, but here I am. It isn't that I have a bunch of free time. No, you should see my floors, and the heap of laundry (Travis' laundry by the way) that could probably get up and walk away on its own by now. Definitely not free time.
I'm posting this niiiice picture taken at Ava's first birthday party. This is me and my brother, Matt. Matt was in charge of photography on my camera for the party- I totally should have known better than to appoint him photographer, because 50% of my pictures are of him, or him and someone else- in this exact same fashion. I'm kind of camera shy- it was tricky finding a picture of me from the party where I wasn't stuffing my face with cake. Thanks again, Matt. :)
hmm... I think I can see why everyone seems to think I'm 19. I do look younger than 27, don't I? At least I'm getting to the point where I don't care and actually in agreement with most of the older ladies who tell me I'll love it when I'm 40!
So what is the point?? The point of me being here is to talk diapers and other natural parenting topics. I also love to talk about autism (and most of you already know that :) ) as my middle child was diagnosed last year. But I tell you, you meet that kid and you wouldn't have a clue. He's totally amazing- potty training on his own has been his latest trick.
Anyway, contact me about anything you want- I will also give LittleLuxe updates here.